9 New Rideshare Apps to Try


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You have in all probability heard of juggernaut smartphone apps Lyft and Uber. These ridesharing companies have pulled in carloads of cash. Given that explosive growth, they’re hardly the only such apps out there anymore. Startup after startup is clamoring for any bit of the “sharing economy”?pie.

These nine new rideshare apps take are designed for the market, each using its own twist:


Chicago, Nyc and?Washington, d.c.

Via’s specialty is reduced rates for shared rides, starting at only $2.95 to $5, plus tax, for single trips. But where it truly shines is in its plans for normal commuters. Riders can select ViaPass with weekly or monthly plans that provide multiple rides each day, for a set, flat rate. This varies by city: a 7-day pass for four rides per day in Manhattan is $63, plus tax, while a 7-day unlimited pass in Washington, D.C., is $25.

2. Wingz

12 cities

Wingz began with prescheduled drives back and forth from the airport – but still specializes in that. But now, it offers prescheduled rides wherever you need to go.?The best part? You can secure the cost upfront.?Users can schedule rides for up to 8 weeks ahead of time and?modify their booking if needed.

3. Juno

New York City

Juno, available only in Nyc, says treating its drivers better means drivers treat you best. Juno – which recently was acquired by fellow ridesharing company Gett – accepts only the highest-rated drivers from Uber and Lyft, and promises 24/7 live phone, email and text support to both drivers and customers.

4. Safr


Safr – a?newly rebranded app formerly called Chariot for Women and then SafeHer – was created to combat violence within the rideshare space and provide an alternative platform geared toward women. All drivers undergo background checks and riders can choose the gender of the driver to match their comfort level. According?towards the?Safr?website, drivers also are paid over the industry standard to spur stellar service. Safr monitors each ride to ensure passengers and drivers arrive safely at their destinations, and passengers can push an “SOS” button in the app to call for immediate assistance if they feel unsafe.

5. HopSkipDrive


HopSkipDrive offers safe, scheduled ridesharing for children. Whenever you request a ride for the child, you will be matched with a CareDriver having a minimum of 5 years of kid care experience. Your son or daughter can exchange a special code word with the driver before getting in the car to ensure they’re the designated CareDriver, and you’ll be in a position to track the ride with live updates.

6. Summon

San Francisco Bay Area

If you like to plan ahead, Summon – formerly known as InstantCab -?is your app. You can plan a ride ahead of time via your phone or computer, and see information regarding your driver along with a fare quote. The app even lets you select your preferred chauffeur. And, in a unique twist, riders may also choose on-demand rides from a taxi or personal car, with prices according to trip distance and time.?

7. Arro

Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York City and San Francisco

For those who like the classic yellow cab, some apps work exclusively with taxis. Arro connects riders with one in the push of the mouse. Plus, it will set up automatic payment on your phone – also it can even purchase a taxi you’ve hailed without the app.?

8. Fasten


Fasten – that was created in Boston and launched later in Austin in the wake from the temporary departure of Uber and Lyft -?states have “the highest rating and vehicle standards in the industry.” The company prides itself on showing price estimates in advance and updating your fare live?throughout the ride. Plus, Fasten states that because it charges drivers a flat fee per ride, as opposed to a number of the trip fare, rates are lower for riders.

9. Waze Carpool


Waze launched as a community-based navigation app giving live updates on road hazards, accident warnings and upcoming speeding traps on your route. Now Waze is hopping in to the carpool game, starting?with?commuter routes in California. Just tell the app where you reside and work and obtain a ride from the Wazer having a similar commute, as much as two times a day. Costs are preset, based on the cost of gas, and are shared through the riders and driver. When the ride’s over, Waze Carpool automatically transfers the payment from the rider to the?driver.


Updated Sept. 19, 2017.

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